Everyone has a story. Everyone has a God story.

I'm talking about those moments when everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. The moments when it seemed like life was falling apart.

Now in the middle of that, you might not have seen God, but my guess is, if you take the time to look back at those moments, God was there. Maybe it's taken years to be able to see God.

I think we should write those stories down. Share them with friends. Share them with family members. Preserve them for future generations.

That is why I have made these videos to help you discover and write your story.

Someone needs to know your God story. They are going through something and your story is what will get them through. Are you willing to help them?

It's time
to get

WEEK 1 - The River of Life

In week one you will explore:
  • Why it is important to share your story for yourself
  • Why it is important to share your story for others
  • Why God wants you to share your story
  • One project to help you prepare for choosing your story