Prayer Day 39

Riding the Wave (Read Ezekiel 47:1-12)

Ezekiel pictures for us the life-giving power of God as a flow of water that begins with a trickle and grows into a mighty river. Surfers need to have an eye for waves that start with gentle rolls but climax in pounding curls. I know I’m stretching things a bit to get a surfing image from Ezek. 47, but stick with me.

Surfers need to develop a carefully trained eye, and finely honed skills for balancing and maneuvering, but none of these skills amount to anything without a wave. The wave makes it all happen.

But the surfer of course, must ride the wave. There’s some risk involved. The wave can curl unexpectedly. You might lose your balance, even if just for a second. And surely getting back up on the board can be a little intimidating.

Surfing is a careful dance between the surfer and the wave.

The life giving Spirit of God, says Jesus (John 7:38), wells up within us and overflows. Indeed Ezekiel’s river runs right through the hearts and lives of God’s people and into the world.


  • May this faith community of Christ daily depend on the wave of the Holy Spirit.
  • May this “season of prayerful discernment” become an unending habit for us as a congregation. A habit that strives to move in the power of the Spirit so that together in our time and place we may be about God’s Mission to declare with word and deed that our world belongs to God.