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First Methodist Church has been a part of Alvin, Texas since 1881, when Peter Nicholson, a Methodist Circuit Rider, rode into town.
The reason Peter came to town was that he knew that everyone needed the hope of Jesus. He carried with him in his saddlebags, the tools of his trade: songs of the faith, books on prayer and sermons to those on the fringes of society.

While things were different back then, we might be surprised by how similar our struggles still are. They might have not had cars or electricity, but they all struggled with depression and needed help in their marriages and longed how to make a better life for their kids.

The beautiful part of the story was, that initially they didn't have a place to meet, but they were soon worshipping in the town's railroad depot. They met in the hub of the city to let everyone know when they came in or out of the city, that Jesus could help them in life.

Now, almost 150 years later, First Methodist Alvin continues to exist to help people during the struggles of their life. We might not still be meeting at the train depot, but we do aspire to let everyone know, in the coming and going of their life, that through songs, prayers and messages, they can also experience the hope that Jesus continues to offer us today.

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