Pastors & Staff

Wesley Duncan

Lead Pastor

Wesley started his professional journey as an architect with a vision to design and build awe-inspiring structures. A life-changing calling redirected his architectural talents toward a higher purpose, leading him to become a pastor. Using his knack for creativity and building, Wesley now dedicates himself to constructing not just physical spaces but also a spiritually enriched community within his church. A dedicated family man, Wesley shares his life with his loving wife Julie, their vivacious little boy Ethan, and wise-beyond-her-years daughter Audrey. Whether he's drafting blueprints for a sermon or spending quality time with his family, Wesley enjoys blends his artistic vision and pastoral duties to build a church where all are welcome.

Kenny Carter

Pastor of Community Life

Kenny is a devoted member of his church community, where his infectious enthusiasm and faith serve as a pillar of support and connection. Married to his beautiful wife Linda, and father to three fantastic children, family is at the heart of Kenny's world. He is passionate about involving the church in community service, helping people connect on a deeper level, and offering aid to those in their most vulnerable moments. A fishing enthusiast, Kenny finds peace and reflection while casting lines, paralleling his belief that life should be approached with a positive, can-do attitude. Grounded in the conviction that God can accomplish anything if we entrust our challenges to Him, Kenny lives as a testimony to the power of faith and community.

Betsy Burke

Pastor of Worship

With a dynamic life initially shaped by a nomadic upbringing in a Coast Guard family, Betsy found her anchor in music and worship. After graduating from Clear Creek High School in League City, her journey led her to a marriage of 33 years, forming the core of a closely-knit family that includes her cherished daughter, son-in-law, son, daughter-in-law, her youngest daughter, and two incredibly adorable granddaughters. Over nearly three decades, Betsy has passionately led worship, personally witnessing the transformative power of grace, mercy, and faith in her own life. For Betsy, there's nothing quite as electrifying as the moment when an entire congregation unites in worship, collectively sensing the undeniable presence and power of the Holy Spirit sweeping through the room.

Roxann Corona

Executive Director - Church Operations

Growing up amid the oil fields of Odessa, Roxann brings a hardworking ethos to her long-standing role at the church, where she's served longer than anyone else on staff. Known affectionately as "the church lady," she's the go-to person for getting things done efficiently and effectively. Roxann's administrative skills are only outmatched by her deep care for each individual in the congregation. Fueled by a fervent passion for Jesus, she strives to share her faith with everyone she encounters. With her blend of practicality and spirituality, Roxann is an indispensable part of her church community.

Darrell Bailey

Director of Student Ministries and Facility Coordinator

In the close-knit community of Alvin, Texas, Darrell has been a beacon of optimism and connectivity all his life. A dedicated father to two beautiful daughters, he embodies the spirit of service as the Director of Student Ministries. His approach to mentorship is not limited to spiritual guidance; he also joyfully manages church facilities, always ready to lend a hand wherever needed. Known for his uplifting demeanor and unyielding faith, Darrell has a unique knack for making everyone feel welcome and valued. For the residents of Alvin, he's not just a neighbor but the heartbeat of the community, serving all with a smile on his face and encouragement in his heart.

Stephanie Harris

Director of Kid's Ministry

Stephanie, a dynamic woman with a vibrant family that keeps her endlessly energized, originally hails from the picturesque landscapes of Wyoming and Colorado. After years of enriching experience working in various school settings, she moved to Texas, where her effervescent personality and deep-rooted passion for Jesus continue to shine. Known for her infectious enthusiasm, she has transitioned her skill set into ministry. A natural at making biblical teachings relatable to children, Stephanie believes in setting the groundwork for faith early in life. Whether she's at home juggling family activities or sharing the love of Jesus with kids at her ministry, Stephanie's love for life and faith radiates in all she does.

Mathew Gruetzmacher

Director of Media

Mathew, a tech-savvy individual with an innate knack for computers and media, has always been the go-to person for solving complex problems. Now, he channels that passion into enhancing the worship experience at his church, ensuring both in-person and online services are immersive spaces where attendees can truly feel the presence of Jesus. Using his specialized skill set, he troubleshoots issues and innovates solutions, making the virtual church experience as enriching as the physical one. A devoted father to two beautiful children, they serve as his ultimate inspiration and the light of his life. Whether he's tinkering with the church's AV system or spending cherished moments with his family, Mathew combines technology and spirituality to make a lasting impact.

Sarah Woods

Director of Alvin Methodist Preschool

Hailing from Liverpool, Texas, Sarah has fulfilled her lifelong dream by running the church's preschool. Her leadership is marked by grace, and she is committed to making sure each child feels welcomed and encouraged to reach their full potential. She works diligently with her staff to provide a nurturing environment for young learners. In a surprising twist to her otherwise focused career and faith life, Sarah harbors an unexpected love for alligators. With her unique blend of passion for education and intriguing interests, Sarah adds a distinctive touch to the church community.