Pastors & Staff

Wesley Duncan

Lead Pastor

I was raised in Bridge City and grew up going to church. I also grew up wanting to be an architect. I went to school at Texas A&M University and got a couple of degrees in architecture. Most importantly I met my wife in the church choir during college. After working in church architecture for a bit, I went to seminary at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. I've kinda specialized in helping churches redream for their future and I'm excited every day to see what God is doing here as well.

Roxann Corona

Executive Director

I grew up in the oilfields of Odessa, TX. It might be interesting to know that I used to be a repo lady and was really good at it. I've always felt like my spiritual gift is the "gift of gab." So that means I've never really met a stranger. If you stick around the church long enough, I can guarantee that you will be my new best friend.

Virgilio Davis

Director of Worship

My family is from Jamaica but I grew up in Panama. Somehow we ended up in Beaumont. I got a degree in Music from Centenary College and have had the distinct honor of singing for a President, being featured on Texas Country Reporter and also my voice was used in a popular video game. When I'm not singing, I'm painting, taking pictures, acting or teaching students.

Sarah Woods

Director of Alvin Methodist Preschool

I grew up in Liverpool with the alligators. I have always grown up with the attitude that I could do anything. Sometimes that has gotten me in trouble, but sometimes I experience amazing things I wouldn't trade for the world.