Praise the Lord! Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, who greatly delights in his commandments! - Psalm 112:1


Coming August 2024 | 9am

At the crack of dawn, a peculiar assembly of men gather, drawn by the promise of a breakfast so hearty it could resurrect a sleeping bear. Imagine a scene where pancakes tower like skyscrapers, and bacon sizzles like a symphony. This isn't just about food; it's a carnival of camaraderie, where every joke shared and lesson learned is a stitch in the fabric of brotherhood. The guest speaker, a wizard of words, spins tales that make bellies ache from laughter as much as from feasting. It’s a morning where enlightenment meets entertainment, and where every man leaves a little wiser, a lot happier, and possibly a few pounds heavier.


First Saturday in February | 9am

"Get ready to huddle up and tackle your day with faith and football flair at our Men's Breakfast just before the Super Bowl! It's a touchdown event that'll have you shouting 'Amen' and 'Go team' in the same breath.

This event is the perfect pre-game warm-up, bringing men of all generations together to form a strong defensive line against life's challenges. We'll be kicking things off with a hearty breakfast buffet that's a real game-changer, serving up touchdown-worthy treats to fuel your soul and spirit.

As we break bread together, we'll also be breaking down barriers, building camaraderie, and cheering each other on in our faith journey. So, don your favorite jersey, bring your A-game, and join us for a morning of faith, fellowship, and football festivities that will have you feeling like you just scored the winning touchdown!"