Riding a Bike

This Christmas my daughter achieved a milestone we have been working on for over four years. Audrey learned how to ride a bike.  Audrey's attempt to learn how to ride a bike reminded me of our journey in our Christian faith. Just as Audrey hesitated and wobbled on those two wheels, we often face uncertainties and doubts when we try to trust God more in our lives.

Audrey's first attempts were filled with trepidation and uncertainty, much like our initial steps toward trusting God in new and challenging circumstances. Like Audrey tightly gripping the handlebars, we may cling to our fears and hesitations, reluctant to fully surrender and trust God.

But just as Audrey's determination grew with each attempt, our faith deepens when we choose to persevere. As her father, I encouraged her, offering guidance and reassurance, similar to how God provides constant presence and guidance in our Christian journey. I reminded her that learning to ride requires trust and surrender, just as we need to trust God's plan and wisdom.

As Audrey's confidence grew, it reminded me of how our faith grows when we learn to lean into God's promises and trust him. Audrey eventually let go of her fear and pedaled with newfound confidence. To see the beam on her smile when she finally conquered riding her bike was one of the best gifts I received this Christmas.

In Audrey's quest to master riding a bike, I found a powerful analogy for our Christian life. Starting this Sunday, we are starting a four-part series called G.R.O.W. where we too can conquer our hesitations, trusting God more deeply with each step, and eventually, we'll ride with unwavering faith in His guidance and love. Hope to see you there.
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