4 Years Out

It is hard to believe it has been 4 years since our world went into shutdown mode during Covid 19. Nobody knew what it meant to go into lockdown mode and we surely didn't know how much toilet paper we were going to need.

As I've been contemplating what has changed since Covid, I think there are four things that come to mind. First, our world is more polarized after Covid than it was before. It seems we are more willing to simply be mean to each other and less tolerant of other people. Second, our world is less religious than it was before. The statistics are clear that instead of Covid helping people turn toward God, it has done the opposite. Third, our youngest generation is more disillusioned by the world they are inheriting than ever. Prices are higher than ever and a stable future seems more and more unattainable for the average person. Finally, we now live in a more hybrid digital / physical world. More and more of our social interactions are happening through social media but we still crave real connection with people face to face.

I am right there with everyone and wish that Covid stayed a distant memory, pretending it didn't really exist. Unfortunately, it changed us and I don't think for the better. The church must both adapt to this new changed environment, but it must also be the hope this world now needs more than ever.
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